Our 19th Show (28/07/2012)

Show: National Dog Show (Haapsalu, Estonia) (www.nublud.ee)

Class: Open (from 15 months)

Judge: Wim Wellens (Netherlands)

Result: Excellent, BOB.

He said: Very typical and feminine example of the breed. Very typical outline. A little bit too much weight, that disturb the balance overall. Excellent head. Very typical eyes. Very kind and soft expression. Correct bite. Correct angulations. Typical slightly upgoing topline. Rough coat. A bit heavy on the move and tumbling back. Nice temperament.


Wim Wellens was a very nice and thorough judge. I am glad he told us about the weight. As Fiona is our first dog and she is so lovable, she is coddled a lot. She used to get something to chew almost every day but from Saturday not anymore. When she was growing, it was okay, but now these good treats would gain her weight. So we should pass 6 treats per week, do more excercises and shape up.

This time we didn’t stay for the best of group and best in show competitions unfortunately, because Fiona’s right forepaw was injured between foot pads and she was a bit limping. Although she did very well in the individual valuation, the last long competitions and also waiting until that would have been too much.

Luckily it was one of the first hot summer days in Estonia and we decided to go to the beach of Roosta instead. If you ever happen to be in Estonia in the hot summer day, this is the beach you should go. This was one of my best beach experiences in Estonia. And Fiona enjoyed every second of it. She is the beachdog. 🙂


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1 Response to Our 19th Show (28/07/2012)

  1. Ilka says:

    We are so proud of you !! 🙂
    Kind regards from very hot IBIZA / Spain


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