The First Hunting Practice

Our first hunting practice was an interesting experience. With a real long-time hunter Mart Mae. 

There were six students: Fiona with me and Kert, and Jimbo with his owners.

Our practice consisted of two parts: first hunting in the large fields and then hunting in the forest.

So we went to the field and without dogs walked in the wet hay and hid two quails in cages that Jimbo’s owners had taken there with them. Then we went back to the dogs and the task was to do special searching moving with the dog and find the birds. Both dogs had one attempt.

Fiona was the first. I don’t know was it the head wind or was it that Fiona had seen us from the car window where we had hid the birds or there were good smell of our walking… but we couldn’t do the special searching walk, because Fiona ran straight to the furthest bird and stared it for a little while, but wasn’t sure what to do. I ran to Fiona and praised her for standing. Then we searched and found the other bird and practiced searching walk to the car. 

Jimbo had his attempt in the other field. And like Fiona, he should practice more.

Then we went to the forest. The hunter hoped that Fiona and Jimbo will find birds (and he could shoot some), but (luckily) they didn’t. Dogs just ran around and were happy and beautiful together. When walking there, Mr Mae told different stories and some of us picked mushrooms. He also shoot twice just for dogs to practice the loud gunshot, but both times Fiona and Jimbo were a little bit frightened. Maybe the first time shooting was’t far enough or maybe we should just practice more and then it would be okay.

After the hunting we went to Jimbo’s place and cooked delicious self-picked chanterelle sauce and boiled potatoes for the lunch. Yummy!

In conclusion. There is very much we have to learn and practice before we can attend the important trial, but unfortunately it can’t be this year. It could be done only in the hunting period, which is from august to november (between certain dates), but I can’t commit for this for the next three months, so I really hope we can do it next year. 

All hunting training suggestions are welcome!


Pictures of the second part of the practice in the forest:

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