Our Seventh Show (11/06/2011)

Show: International Dog Show (Riga, Latvia) (www.dogs.lv)

Class: Junior (9-18 months)

Judge: Augusto Benedicto Syjuco Santos III (Philippines)

He said: Good head. Good coat. Good size. I’d like to see a deeper bresket. Slightly … (?) coupled. I’d like to see more chest & more rear angles. I’d like to see a higher upper arm.

Result: Very good


Today it didn’t go as well as it has been previously. At first when meeting with the judge, Fiona wanted to play with him or just sit and it was hard for the judge to touch Fiona. Then we had to show the standing and Fiona was somehow more uneasy than usual and didn’t want to stand. She stood good at the end when the description paper was already done and the judge wasn’t looking and interested anymore. And when showing the beautiful trot Fiona has, she also showed the judge her gallop.

So… there are many things that I, yes, mostly I, and Fiona have to work at and improve further on. This kind of experiences also are needed and useful and good. But I really hope that tomorrow will be a better day for us!

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