Our Third Show (12/09/2010)

Show: National Dog Show in Tallinn, Estonia (www.pkkk.ee)

Class: Puppy (6-9 months)

Judge: Tapio Eerola (Finland)

He said: Very promising. Good head type. Eyes, ears, teeth OK. Good chest and (?strong …). Excellent (?angles). Promising coat. Excellent step length. (?Jaunty/perky/vivacious) behaviour. (Translation from Finnish, can’t understand everything).

Result: Best Puppy of Breed (TPK – Tõu Parim Kutsikas), Promotion Prize of Estonian Kennel Union (EAH – Eriauhind)!

Here is a video of our start at puppies Best In Show ring. I love the way we were called to the ring. 😀 But to be the best of all of them we have to practice much much more!

Judge of the Best Puppy: Peter Fodstadt (Norway)


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