Five Months Old

Our baby Fiona is five months old! She is a big dog already.

She doesn’t bite my socks and trousers while I am putting on my clothes trying to go quickly outside. She doesn’t bite US anymore, now she licks if she wants. Now she can give us kisses. She has new teeth that are not as sharp as the babyteeth were. She doesn’t chew and eat EVERYTHING she finds, now she chooses. She doesn’t carry away all shoes she finds, but if then maybe mine or Kert’s, just the familiar one’s. She doesn’t chew our laundry basket anymore, but every time I look at it I think about Fiona… 😀 And I know there will be a day she won’t throw our or her things off the balcony. She sleeps 10 hours at night. Usually we go outside four or five times a day. She always does her business outside – I don’t remember anymore when the last accident was at home nor in the corridor, I also don’t remember when the last accident caused by the effusive joy was. Even though I’m not sure when she is asking to go out, because she has started to talk to us pretty much, but at the moment we just don’t understand her every time. Sometimes she still comes to our lap and she still cuddles us. She is a good doggie. Our baby Fiona.

Today we had a chance to visit Jimbo, the other Spinone in Estonia. He is excactly one year old at the moment, he had his birthday on the 28th of June. I am so happy that they could meet at last. They were very happy, too, as usual. But even we didn’t understand their real thoughts, I really hope that they could recognize their similar appearance. 🙂

Here is a little gallery and a video of them. Jimbo likes to jump to the pond!


There are more pictures at Jimbo’s album.

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