Puppy School – Done!

Today was our last lesson of the ten-week-long puppy school. Many thanks to our tutor Piret Kannike! Our family is a big fan of her! 🙂

What we have been learning:

1. Lecture about the beginning with a puppy, Amichien Bonding.
2. Playing, “Take it” (“Võta”), “Drop” (“Anna”), “Sit” (“Istu”), “Here” (“Siia”), calming the puppy.
3. “No” (“Ei”), “That’s all” (“Kõik”).
4. “Down” (“Lama”) from standing, starting to motivate with a toy, circles to the right (“Paremale”), to the left (“Vasakule”).
5. “Up” (“Püsti”) from sitting.
6. Walking with the leash, walking in the street.
7. Sitting on my left, “Up” (“Püsti”) from laying down, contact, different movements, greeting other people.
8. “Heel” (“Kõrval”) – walking and sitting on my left, different movements.
9. Lecture about dog food and diet.
10. Repeating different commands.

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