Midsummer Day

Today Fiona is seventeen weeks old! (I think I’m going to count the weeks until the twentieth. :))

We celebrated our Midsummer Day in our friend’s place grilling and chilling. Though chilling was complicated for me and Kert and Fiona, because Fiona couldn’t stay calm, but wanted to sniff and look around. After six-seven hours at the strech doing it I decided to go home with her to have a rest. 🙂 Maybe our friend’s family dogs had also a part in this situation. They are two Akitas named Mono (female) and Nashi (male) who were a bit dominant over Fiona, for what reason Fiona had to be watchful all the time and at the same time we had to keep our eyes on Fiona just to be safe. Generally it was a great sunny day. 🙂

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