Twelve Weeks Old

When we started our life together Fiona slept in her own bed and when she wanted to go out she woke me up gently nibbling my ear and nose. But then I had to go out twice a night… and after a week we were pretty sleepy and tired. Of course she wanted to sleep with us, but she didn’t reach on the bed. Sometimes we took her up to us and it was funny she knew immediately what the bed is for and fell asleep right away. Little by little she started to reach on the bed by herself and as we had read that dogs won’t do her business in their sleeping place we were happy to let Fiona sleep with us. And night by night we could sleep longer. Now we usually go to sleep like Fiona is in her bed and we are in our bed and in the morning after about 6-7 hours sleeping we wake up and Fiona is in our cuddle. It’s very sweet as you can see in the picture below taken in this morning. 🙂

In the Morning

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