Ten Weeks Old

Today Fiona is 10 weeks old.

Every time I look at her I see a heart on her back. Fiona Love ♥

I also took some measurements of her to compare them later with her fast growth:

Length of the ear: ~13 cm
Length of the tail: ~25 cm
Length of the muzzle: 6,5-7 cm (Ilka, remember, it was 5,5 cm when we measured it together 16 days ago) 😀
Length of the forefoot: 26 cm (from the tip of the paw to the end of the back bone)
Length of the hind foot: 18 cm (from the tip of the paw to the end of the back bone)

Today we visited the pet clinic for the first time to register her to the Tallinn Central Register of Pets. She was also weighed there for the sake of it. 9,6 kg!


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2 Responses to Ten Weeks Old

  1. Ilka says:

    Dear Maarja,

    I,m so happy to see the beautifull pictures of Fiona. I measured the length of Fabiola’s muzzle for you: 6,5 -7 cm – like her sister !! 🙂
    Do you like Fabrizio’s new homepage?

    Best wishes

  2. Maarja says:

    Dear Ilka,

    Thank you 🙂
    I’m happy to read Fiona’s brother’s doings. As I said to Carl it’s written very funnily! 😀

    All the best from Estonia,

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