Seven Days at Home

Everything has been very good. We love Fiona very much and try to give her as much love as possible. 🙂

Fiona has a very good appetite and is literally growing before our eyes. I will measure her soon!

This past week we have been going out about 9 times a day – twice at night, twice in the morning, twice about lunchtime and three times in the evening. So I carry her three floors up and down every time. 😀 She knew the drill very well from the beginning. At night when she wants to go out, she wakes me up and then I have to be very fast. 😀 Ilka, did you teach the puppies to be housetrained or do they just know it without teaching?

I love the way she is when she sleeps. Usually she stays near us or our legs. 😛

26th of April

26th of April

We started with clicker-training on Saturday. Every day we do some quick training sessions and by today she can already almost sit (in Estonian ‘istu’), lay down (in Estonian ‘lama’) and bark (in Estonian ‘auh’). But we are looking to it that she won’t get too excited about the barking. The training has to be like a game and fun for her every time of course. The picture below is taken after I ‘clicked’ her into the bowl and now she likes to sleep in there. 😛

As time goes by she is also starting to understand her name more and more. Our baby Fiona. 🙂

28th of April

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