Our Trip to Estonia

As we were the ‘lucky ones’ whos flights were cancelled due to the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud, we decided to make the trip to Germany by our car.

So two long driving days are over and we are finally at home! 😀 It was a 4500 km round trip.

Fiona was a very good puppy 🙂 She was sleeping most of the time. She made some worrying noises only in the beginning but overall she was happy.

I think I was more sad than Fiona. I was crying when driving in Estonia. I think it was an emotional overflow. One of my dreams has come true but at the same time I was sad to see Fiona and other puppies leave such a wonderful family and home. I am so happy that I found such good breeders Ilka and Rainer. But again it’s sad that they are so far. I wish we could meet again one day! 🙂

We also are very happy that we met Carl and Martin, the new owners of Fiona’s brother Fabrizio. The cake Martin had made was very tasty. Carl and Martin, can you please share the recipe so I could try to make it myself and feel like repeating our nice event? 😀 Also please let us know how is Fabrizio doing. 🙂

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